This Friday we have the Foot Rally happening!

It is going to be a great night filled with lots of fun and friendly competition! However, we always want to make these nights safe for everyone! The Foot Rally will consist of going off-site, following a list of directions and taking part in various missions.

The teams will have 2 over 18 year old leaders with them at all times.

Please fill out the form below to give permission for your youth to be off-site this Friday night.


Foot rally form

Name of Youth *
Name of Youth
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Parent Name
I give permission for my youth to go off-site on the 23rd of November. *
I/We give my/our child permission to participate in the Alive Youth Foot Rally. I/We will not hold Alive Youth or C3 Church Victory responsible for any loss/damages of property, injuries or death of my/our child *
I/We authorize ALIVE YTH to use my/our youth's picture and/or video on any social media platform of ALIVE YTH from this event or any other event/night that ALIVE YTH holds. *